Manufacturer of Bamboo Craft And Fences Located in Yogyakarta


PT Dekor Asia Jayakarya which has been established since 1997, has created hundreds of product designs from bamboo and wood. These high artistic value products include, garden accessories, hospitality products, and home decorations.

Not only that, as an effort to also support the preservation of nature, this company also uses materials from waste (used goods), such as reclaimed wood and boat wood furniture to create various new products. Another product is home deco made of natural materials, such as pandanus, mendong, rattan, and so on.

The biggest export of Dekor Asia is bamboo panels, made of bamboo which are always out of stock and always done throughout the season without knowing the summer or winter abroad, because their markets are in the continents of Australia and Europe, as well as America.

The folding bamboo house or the dismantled bamboo house is a mainstay product of Dekor Asia. This product, which uses the Black Bamboo trademark, has become the center of attention of the world, especially France and Australia, in recent years. The folding bamboo house is usually used as a complement to a building, such as in a villa or hotel and can last up to five years.

Most of Dekor Asia products use local material, including from Central and East Java, such as from Wonosobo, Probolinggo, and Yogyakarta.


Jl. Parangtritis KM. 8.4, RT 06, Tembi, Timbulharjo, Sewon, Bantul
Bantul, Yogyakarta 55186

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