Indoor Cushion Furniture Made From Selected Materials


Indonesia Cushion is a company or industry which runs the producing of furniture cushions, whether it is for indoor or outdoor. There are many superior products provided in order to fulfill the customers’ necessities. It knows well that the needs of furniture inside or outside home living is basically to meet the owners’ comfort. The designs and colors which are various become another point to beautify your house more. There are many benefits you can find once you purchase the products here. It is all about the quality, design, and of course service.

It is really clear why the company is really recommended. It is due to the fact that Jepara is a town which is really famous with its furniture. With almost 100 professional workers hired, it makes the orders can be produced in faster way without lessening their qualities. The capacity of production is around 10 to 20 units per week with lower cost for distributions.

Not only is it knows as a cushion producer for local demands, Indonesia Cushion is also established to export the products. There are two main important job done by this company. The first is regarding its ability to directly export the furniture. The second is that it completes and complements the products from other companies for exporting necessities. It depends on you, the customers, whatever the form of products to be ordered. It is whether you want to order in sets completely or per part. As the name, it is also a specialist for cushions. Cushions are basically such an important thing to make furniture particularly chairs feel more comfortable. All the products available are guaranteed. It means that you can find a kind of services from us for the damage and lacks based on the deal. Sure, the guarantee run must be that which is before the expiring date.

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Jl. Kauman I no 50, Margoyoso, Kalinyamatan, Jepara

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