A Company That Concern in Sustainable Furniture Material


Fitting out your home with some new furniture? Looking to make an eco-friendly purchase? Buy from any of sustainable furniture brands and you can be confident that your new piece will be good for the planet and look great in your home.

When you can't buy second hand and you need to buy something new, buy for sustainable products is the best option. Buying sustainable products will help reduce your individual carbon footprint. It also helps to demonstrate the demand for these types of eco-friendly products, which then puts pressure on brands to increase their sustainable production.

Sustainable furniture has a limited effect on the environment. Manufacturers or brands must be able to demonstrate their eco-credentials, including material. Eco-friendly furniture is made from sustainable materials, such as reclaimed wood, FSC certified wood, or recycled plastic. Ready to shop for eco-friendly furniture? This is Libra by Palma International. A furniture company that guided by its Danish roots but has its actual company base in Indonesia.

Much of the wooden furniture available at Libra by Palma International is made from Indonesia locally sourced, recyclable plastic, plantation trees or recycled wood. All of their sustainable furniture is beautifully craft, given a natural finish, and sure to make a statement in any room of the house. The workshop is located in Yogyakarta, Java island. The wood comes from biodiverse and sustainably managed forests in Indonesia. And their pieces look pretty good too!

Libra combines Indonesian tradition and art with modern designs to produce gorgeous furniture products that can be seen on their website catalog. The company company offers environmentally friendly furniture products, including; wooden dining chair, lounge, side and coffee table, sunlounger, table and others indoor and outdoor furniture. Todays, Libra is a sustainable and successful company with exports worldwide, including Australia, North & South America, Europe & Asia.

Choosing a sustainable furniture brand is a great way to reduce the impact your purchase has on the planet.


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