Indoor And Outdoor Teak Wood Furniture Manufacturer


Have been establish since 1999 in Solo, with manufacturing indoor and outdoor furniture made of teak and reclaimed teak. Offers enviromental friendly products, principly with responsible by recycle-able, re-use-able and reduce-able with the commitment is plant 100 of tree from each container delivery. Dedicated some of profit to keep the earth green by plant the tree, it could be teak tree or other kind of tree depend on the product in the container delivery. All the furniture collections are made from finest teak wood material to meet worldwide market demand of teak wood furniture. All the teak furniture collections are available table, bench, chair, rack and indoor furniture, for instance, drawer, bookshelves and more.


Jalan Raya Solo - Sragen Km 7,5 Desa Gerdu, Jetis, Karanganyar
Jalan Dr.Rajiman No 206
Solo, Jawa Tengah 57151

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Fax: +62 271 656 385

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