Indonesian Printing Batik Wholesale and Supplier


A company that manufacturing printing batik from Indonesia. Has high quality design and fabric materials which is processed into various products such as fabrics, garments, and sarongs. All products are offered for men, women and kids. Here, all products are well known by the people of Indonesia through various brands such as Presidential Palace, H Santoso, CakNing, Suramadu, Sekar Mekar, Bumi Jaya, Kenz Batik, Cibulan, and so on. All our products are manufactured by machine so our quality consistency can be maintained. Most of our products use primisima cotton, others are rayon and polyester. Our product variants include long cloth, bed sheets, men's and women's clothing, gloves palekat and so on. We also accept special orders such as Lebaran package, order from agency, cloth / uniform and so on.


Jl. Angkatan 45 No. 39
Pekalongan, Jawa Tengah

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